Don’t think design thinking matters? Neither did the Oscars.

Last night two of Hollywood’s aging darlings were set to announce best picture.  I am sure you know, it didn’t go well.  Besides Steve Harvey being replaced as the most visible announcement gaff, there is a silver lining for those of us who live in the digital and design world. A real world example of…

Empathy is the new black

And by black I mean the color of the souls of everyone who are glued to their device (myself included).  In order to continue the evolution in our relationship with technology, organizations will need to deeply and holistically embrace empathy as the North Star for their business models, not just their marketing.

Customer Experience (CX) is just Customer Service (duh)

I would have posted this on my other blog, SHAPING THE GAME, however it ended up becoming a bit colorful and not as prescriptive as STG editorial guidelines would like me to be. (So thanks ‘structure’ and ‘rules’ for ruining my good time).

Don’t ever use ‘Click Here’.

I can’t believe I am writing this. It seems so obvious and clear cut, and yet day after day I visit websites that give me snippets of information and then ask me to Click Here to learn more.