I rarely pee alone at work.


I imagine my experience is not unique.


8AM – 60 minute call

9AM – 30 minute call

9.30AM – 30 minute call I am late to due to previous call

10AM – 60 minute call I am late to due to tardiness in the 9.30, from the 9AM

10.45AM – leave 1oAM early to take urgent call on mobile

11AM – 60 minute call where I multitask and order lunch online for delivery

12PM – 30 minute call where a kind colleague signed for and brought me my lunch

12.30PM – 60 minute call where the first 10 minutes are others showing up and me scarfing my lunch

1.30PM – 30 minute call

2PM – 60 minute call

3PM – 30 minute meeting in office

3.30PM – 60 minute workshop with in office team

Question: So.  When did I use the restroom?

Answer: Four times.  You were on mute in my headset & accompanied me. I rarely pee alone at work.

Disrupt the pattern: 25 or 50 minute meetings. Period.