Globalization in a Content World (Webinar)

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On Thursday July 16, we will be presenting a webinar on Digital Globalization.  The subject is a complicated one that influences how businesses operate, market themselves and communicate to their consumers.  Not all brands have to worry about this. However, with the increased global penetration of internet users combined with fragmented language use by country, globalization and the adjacent strategic decisions it requires is becoming critical.


World Bank Internet Data

Interestingly, completing a globalization & localization strategy can act as a first giant step towards personalization for most companies.  Personalization is a hot topic among marketing technology companies and marketers themselves. Thus, it is important to ensure that the way you deliver your digital content not only takes into account user behaviors, but also their demographics. This is important for all types of companies.  Though E-Commerce brands have the most to lose by not putting the requisite attention to this issue, even informational oriented websites and communities benefit from a strategy.




Though the world population continues to grow in every country, the penetration of internet users is peaking in English speaking countries. This means that non-English speaking internet users will continue to grow and influence the digital landscape.  Combine that with decreasing costs of technology and internet access and the need to have a globalization strategy becomes dangerous not to have.


In the webinar coming up we will string these statistics and others together to create a compelling argument for focusing attention on global issues.  We will review common terms being used within the issue itself, creating a baseline language to move on from.  Current digital examples will guide us through common scenarios and approaches which can be used as reference and fodder internally on how to solve this issue in your organization.  And finally a focus on next steps, how to generate a process for arriving at an informed strategy and moving forward.


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