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In the customer centric evolution we are experiencing today, we are facing a challenge that if not overcome, could lead to significant consolidation of products and services, leading to monopolies and trusts so large they would have to be broken up, of course, as customers, we won’t want them broken up – we want all our brands to care.

In the conversations I frequent, it is largely believed that those companies who pay attention to customer experience (CX) win.  Forrester writes about CX, Gartner references CX, McKinsey does case studies on CX.  So, its all but cliche at this point.

The challenge is then, those laggards who are falling farther and farther behind their competitors are not only causing their own evolution to be more expensive and take longer  but also running the risk of simply handing over their market share to those companies who are subscribing to the customer revolution. The modified Inflection Point visual (original by Andy Grove) below illustrates the positioning your brand will have depending on when an awareness of Customer Experience is fully realized.


And inside the laggards is a smaller, but more troubled group of companies: the non-believers. The non-believers are akin to the cartoon below, which if you are reading this article, perhaps you can relate to.

Marketers are usually the ones in these organizations who are first to realize that change is needed. They are forced to educate and articulate the value (often in dollars and cents) to penny pinchers and executives who have seen success in their careers by paying more attention to spreadsheets and math equations than customer feedback and social sentiment.


While thinking about this challenge and knowing that strategists are in part, if not largely, educators, I began thumbing through images of customer experiences I have captured over the years. The CX workshops and journeys that we facilitate and deliver here at Agency Oasis have evolved over time, in part through constant evaluation and study from others in the market.

In my personal library of customer experience samples (read: unorganized screen grabs from research) I have a simple visual that Lego shared years ago (five years ago or so). The evolution of CX tools is pretty significant, but the idea that Lego had one years ago is not only impressive, but also should light a fire in those brands which aren’t paying attention. The image below indicates the speed of technology evolution over the past 600 years, so five years isn’t five years anymore – its more. Much, much more.


So armed with the concept of the Inflection Point and exponential growth of technology (which is the backbone of all marketing regardless of traditional or digital), we need to assemble an example of customer experience which is neither too complex and overwhelming, nor simple and easily dismissed.

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