Understood.org is #shapingthegame and helping parents win


Unbeknownst to most, a web application conceived to ease the pain and process of being a parent to a child (or children) with learning and attention issues was started in earnest several years ago.

Today, Understood.org has been recognized by The Webby Awards as the top website for Family & Parenting in 2015.

Understood.org, its educational partners and benefactors (15 of them in total) spent years of their lives collaborating, researching and learning about these challenges before digital practices even began to take shape.

When the research and analysis was complete and the organization strategy set, my firm, Agency Oasis was asked to get involved and work with partners and vendors to bring to life the idea of helping parents. Two years ago I sat in a room with the leaders of Understood & their partners, listened to their mission and shared how we planned to contribute to its success. I knew I was part of something that would easily become some of the most important work of my career. I was right. I remain passionate about Understood, their cause, the affect they are having and their resources I am fortunate to work with.

Congratulations to Understood.org for not just the win with The Webby’s, but in each parents who derives support from it.

And too my colleagues at Agency Oasis who took ideas on paper and made them function and with whom I am also fortunate to work with everyday.

If you are a parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt/caretaker/teacher who is challenged with child based attention and learning issue do yourself a favor: visit, read, experience and register for understood.org