children of divorce make the best account managers

Nothing against those who come from stable homes, but I have to say that those of us who come from broken homes (and who isn’t anymore) just make better account managers.  Growing up with divorced parents is like enrolling in an MBA program as a child.  Your vocabulary becomes more advanced, the world becomes bigger and childish problems become just that.

So how does this translate for Account Managers?  It’s pretty straightforward actually, you’re stuck in the middle, but this time between the client and the business.  And if you are a divorced kid, it feels like home.  Account Managers can often be saddled with several different accounts at once, varying personalities across clients not to mention colleagues.  If you aren’t used the challenges of managing people who you both need things from and you depend on for sustenance, this is not for you.

If clients are the mommy, the business if daddy.  Sometimes by appeasing mommy, daddy can get pretty frustrated.  So you walk the tight rope.  Understanding just how far you can push one boundary without getting bit on the other side is a classic divorced kid  tactic.   Another tactic is asking forgiveness instead of permission.  And this one can come in handy with both clients and the business; and here is the advantage of age – you know when to do it and when not to.

If I had my current experiences when I was eight?  Hold me back, hold me back.  My parents wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Instead now I use all those child experiences, recollections of stressful moments, flashbacks if you will, to walk the thin line of negotiation, reasonable assumption and calculated risk.  And though life would be simpler if stress didn’t exist, what the hell fun would that be.  This is Agency Life.

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