why the iOS 6 maps debate is thoroughly boring me

Oh the humanity – a piece of software was released in less than perfect shape!!! It must be Armageddon! It will be hard to not put be in a fanboy category after this, but I would say the same thing for any other piece of mainstream software.  Know that. Some perspective people.  Let’s take some of the most common complaints and put some context around them.


1. This would have never happend with Steve Jobs in power.

a. Actually it would have, recall antenna gate?
b.  If Steve was that import

ant to you, perhaps you should have focussed on curing cancer rather than arm chair quarterbacking.


2. things are mislocated on the maps

a. you are correct, so?
b. this actually might make you less stupid, learn how to navigate where you are going without a freaking mobile!!!

3. The interface is subpar.

a. You have no idea what you are talking about, and what are you comparing this to, the Audi navigation from Minority Report?
b. Don’t like it, design a better one, I am sure Apple would be interested in seeing your revisions.

c. As if you are locked in, download a different App.

4. It isn’t perfect, its buggy.

a. So are you.  You realize corporations are made up of humans right?  When was the last time you did anything flawlessly? Exactly.
b. Why not offer Kudos to an organization that has such a stellar reputation that you have to hunt for imperfection rather than it being thrown in your face like some other devices.

The fact of the matter is that Apple has done is diservice to interactive.  With their end to end model they have successfully shown the interactive world and device landscape what it means to perform well.  Those of us that also work in this space know that the level of perfection Apple comes close to achieving is nearly impossible to achieve  You launch with less than perfection because you know it is impossible to achieve, if only because assets in the digital space are outdated the moment the consumer touches them. You’ll remember your reaction every time a new version of software suite or OS upgrade occures — you have to learn things again – its called evolution, adoption. Maps will get better, it already has.  I wonder if Apple offered to take back all iPhone 5’s for people who just couldn’t deal with maps, how many people would actually return them. In the interim – turn the noise down people, seriously, we have bigger problems don’t we?

This was a skit on SNL the same day I posted this, what are the chances?

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