uber changed my life

I heard about Uber quickly after they launched.  A colleague of mine and I were going from one bar to another on the otherside of town and rather than hailing a cab, he whipped out his phone, hit a button.  Literally moments later a town car showed up.  Absolutely phenomenal.

I was hooked.  I became an evangelist (and so quickly I didn’t realize they had referral points!).  Every trip I went on I was seeing if Uber was there before I even booked the travel. I felt like everytime I got into a car with Uber I was home.  Every driver I have had as been Uber Nice to me (couldn’t resist) and makes me feel welcome.

Some of the reasons I love Uber are based in Ego and some in practicality.  Here are a few.


1. IMPORTANCE | I feel like a rock star every time I have a town car drive up to me and pick me up, especially in front of crowds. Superficial, absolutely. I don’t care.  When I am standing on a corner and 10 people are trying to hail a cab, tourists, locals, whoever, and I am just playing on my phone and a black town car shows up and the door is opened for me… I feel like this chick is gonna be inside waiting –>.


2. COMFORT | I am a complete and utter consumer. I don’t mind paying for things that make me happy. Cabs may have once been the standard but the standard is deteriorating very quickly.  Why wouldn’t I want tinted windows, no barrier from front to back, a considerate driver, a smoother ride and consistent service?  Exactly.


3. PRODUCTIVITY | I am not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. My company doesn’t have life insurance out on me, or force me to take a different plane than other executives, which is to say I realize I am not that important.  BUT, I, like any other person on the planet am tethered to my mobile.  In a cab from LGA, JFK, ORD, MAD, LAX or any other litany of spots I need to go, the ride from airport to hotel or office is usually not a short one.  And after several hours of ‘offline’ on a plane, I have plenty of things I think I need to attend to.  Which makes Uber the perfect  choice for me, cause I don’t have the time or patience to put up with or compete with the cabby trying to talk to his friends, family or bookie in the front seat. Oh and I can focus on what I am doing as I am not distracted with a) holding on for my life, b) trying to figure out what that smell is or c) figuring out if we are going the right way.

4. CONVENIENCE | Perhaps the single nicest feature of this service is the speed to which I can get out of the car.  The cab model is necessary but broken.  I have to wait for cash back or swipe the card and wait for processing and issue a tip.  And if they sucked as a driver, this gets awkward.  I tended bar for a long time through school, I tip well, but not without reason.  With Uber, they pull over and I get out.  I can even choose from my own list of Credit Cards with which to pay when I am requesting a car. Which means that Uber is as convenient M-F as it is at night and on weekends when the trip is for pleasure than business.


5. PEACE OF MIND | It wasn’t far after I used Uber for my first time than I told my wife about it.  We used it together for the first time coming home from dinner one night from the city and the look on her face told it all.  She was sold. She downloaded the app, and has been using it ever since.  And an unplanned calm came over me after the first few time she came home using Uber or used it in another city for business.  I was less worried about her out there on her own.  I still worry like any husband does when their wife is traveling or with a chance of being alone; but Uber gave me increased peace of mind because of my own experience and their service.

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